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Our Facility

SkyWay Leadership Institute is located at the $5 million, state-of-the-art HelmZar Challenge Course, which is the largest ropes course in North America. Our courses, with both high and low elements, have been thoughtfully designed to meet the many needs of our participants.

Challenge Perceptions

Think differently. Learn that the impossible is possible and take that hope with you when you leave.


In addition to five outdoor courses, we also offer two indoor courses, a climbing wall and activities ensure that every group can get the full experience.

Trained Facilitators

All of our facilitators are highly trained to help everyone with their individual needs.


With just a few hours, we can change attitudes, and change lives.

Our Options

In addition to ropes courses, we also offer kayaking, paddle boarding, low-element courses, picnic areas, and training rooms.


Our course has been certified by Adventure Mas based on the Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA) standards

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Our Programs

Our programs are designed specifically for each group we serve. Whether it’s a school hoping to foster hope among at-risk students, a corporate team working on leadership skills, or a community group that wants to develop trust in one another — we can help.

Tulsa Police Activities League

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In June of 2018 the Tulsa Police Activities League (TPAL) began as a new community policing effort for Tulsa youth. The program, which works to build relationships between the police force and at-risk children, took off and expanded rapidly. In fact, by March of 2019 the hard work was recognized by the Downtown Rotary of Tulsa during their prestigious Above & Beyond awards ceremony.

The only thing missing for the program was a place for it to call home. Together with the Tulsa Police Foundation and other generous donors, the HelmZar Challenge Course, owned by SKYWAY Leadership Institute, was revived. The repurposing of the facility provided TPAL with an official base of operations and became the “Home of TPAL.” SKYWAY is specially equipped to provide TPAL and programs like it with data that shows statistically significant increases in Hope, Leadership and most importantly for TPAL and Tulsa Police – TRUST.

This strategic alliance impacts everyone involved. Tulsa Police and the youth of Tulsa are brought together at SKYWAY, and use the HelmZar Challenge Course as a tool to rebuild trust. Together they work through tough obstacles, find new ways forward and the motivation to reach common goals. Their work illustrates that it is possible to increase trust and impart hope through hands-on learning.

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Community Trust Champions

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In 2014 – when Ferguson rocked our sensibilities and exposed the inaccuracy of our perceptions of race relations – concerned citizens took it upon themselves to fully understand the current climate of police interactions in Tulsa.

The concerned citizens, most from the Down Town Rotary Club of Tulsa, conducted informal meetings, focus groups around the Tulsa metro, and traveled to meet with Citizens of Ferguson. Through this research, they found a growing divide existed between the Tulsa police and the communities they serve. The group decided to find a way to change the way the community — and especially Tulsa youth — viewed and communicated with the police force.

In 2015 Community Trust Champions (CTC) was established by Tulsa Rotarians. In this program, young people and police officers were brought together for a full day of hands-on learning.

The outcomes spoke for themselves. The same kids who, at the beginning of the day, perceived all officers as “bad guys” who couldn’t be trusted were now clambering to have them on their team. Also, and perhaps even more surprising, the officers began to see these kids in a different light. They weren’t just “bad kids.” In fact, what they’d observed over the years when engaging youth; they now realized that the “bad” behavior was uncontrolled outward expressions of significant trauma experienced by these kids.

This program anecdotally worked as it was intended: to bring youth and police together. But anecdotes weren’t enough. In 2019, the SKYWAY Leadership Institute provided this program with robust data tracking. Our passion for research and our need to track and analyze data led to a partnership with OU-Tulsa. Now, with the data to back it up, we can demonstrate statistically significant increases in the values of Hope, Leadership and most importantly – TRUST.

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Unique Experience

Science Of Hope

Hope is a powerful thing, and at SKYWAY we focus on cultivating this tool in every
participant. By helping our participants find hope within themselves and their
circumstances, we help relieve stress, improve behavior, and change social outcomes. Using the science of hope, trauma-informed instruction, race and minority relations building and evidence-based, hands-on learning, our facility can change lives.

After partnering with Jason Featherngill, Research Specialist at the Hope
Research Center, we have found statistically significant increases in HOPE, Trust, and Leadership when participants spend 5 hours involved in our programming.

“Hope is the leading indicator of success in relationships, academics, career, and business—as well as of a healthier, happier life,”

Dr. Shane Lopez

Science of HOPE: it is not emotion. It is not an idea. It is not a wish or expectation. HOPE is about goals, willpower, and pathways. A person with high hope has goals, the motivation to pursue them, and the determination to overcome obstacles and find new pathways to achieve them. Most importantly HOPE is a science with identifiable, measurable elements. Science of Hope by Chan Hellman, Ph.D. @ Hope Research Center OU-Tulsa.

For more information on the science of hope, visit and learn about
Dr. Chan Hellman’s research in this emerging field.

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