Challenge perceptions of what is and is not possible.

Imagine what could happen if TEN THOUSAND KIDS, over two years, experienced an increase in hope, reconstructed their sense of community and discovered the leader hidden within?

What if that transformative experience could happen in a day? Would you be open to supporting a program that is accomplishing this with data to back it up?

Yes – is typically the answer.

Will you say yes and sponsor a class of 6th-graders for only $1500?

Every day we challenge perceptions of what is possible through our unique approach of incorporating our world-class low and high steel course and customized program to meet the goals of each class.

We are dedicated to lowering youth statistics that have become the norm- including suicide, incarceration, high ACE scores and distrust between the community and law enforcement.

SKYWAY thrives because of generous donations and grants. Your gift of any amount is appreciated. Please contact us at for more information click the donate button below.

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